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Email Marketing Products by Pinpointe-> Product Tour -> Website Integration – Web 2 Lead Forms

Use Pinpointe’s wizards to create subscription forms that you can easily place on your website to collect visitor details and grow your prospect database. All of Pinpointe’s web forms generate the appropriate HTML code for you.  Simply create a form and cut ‘n paste the HTML into your site design. You can even add custom fields so prospects can tell you their preferences.  There are 4 different form types-

  • Landing Page / Lead Registration Form
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe Forms
  • Send to Friends Form
  • Modify Details Form

Capture Leads Directly from Your Site

With Pinpointe’s Web to Lead 'Subscription' form, you can easily collect and generate leads directly from your website. Using the step-by-step Web to Lead form generator, you can develop custom landing pages where prospects can register for information. Web to Lead forms are an ideal compliment to your Google AdSense campaigns, where you can promote content that requires prospects to register.

Each custom field has an associated format requirement. Fields can be text fields, or they can be defined to be check boxes, radio buttons or pick-lists with defined values. Using field format requirements improves the quality of your data and reduces the chance of a prospect making a mistake or entering information incorrectly.

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