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Google Analytics Integration

Track your email marketing campaign results with Google Analytics.  If you already use Google Analytics on your site, Pinpointe can be set up to easily track clicks from your Pinpointe campaigns back to your site. Google Analytics then generates reports that show you how well your email marketing is performing.

With Google Analytics, you can measure:

  • People who click on links in your email campaigns to your website
  • Transactions that resulted from your email campaigns
  • Per visitor statistics (of email recipients who visited your website)
  • If you’re accepting orders on your site, you can track conversion rates and revenues generated as a direct result of your email marketing campaigns.

First, put Google Analytics on your website, and turn on conversion tracking.

After you’ve got conversion tracking setup in your Google Analytics account, create an email marketing campaign in Pinpointe. When you’re ready to send your campaign, just check the Google Analytics box, enter your desired tracking string and send away!

Pinpointe Email Marketing Integrates with Google Analytics

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